first:.... I'd like to inform all that read this... that my reading and speaking of german is very good... but I have great difficulties writing; especially grammar and the "rechtschreibung" is stress pure, so, please, bear with me when I write english (yes, it's better for all of you that I write in english or denglish)

I am: Artist (Maler), born in Port Jervis, NY, 1939, and lived as kid In Milford, PA, but 2/3s of my life has been in europe .. (Greece, Sweden, Germany and Zeeuws Vlaanderen & traveled extensively and so on and so forth, Resident now in Wuppertal-Arrenberg)

"Fotografieren ist wie Bogenschiessen: richtig zielen, schnell schiessen, abhauen."
Henri Cartier-Bresson

Profilfoto from: Gisela

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