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Greta Schnall

Über mich/About me:

My main focus is photography with extreme digital editing processing. This means that I am creating pictures and graphics from architectural, natural and abstract subjects with often surreal components. My favourite themes are front facades of modern buildings or parts of them, which I'm digitally editing and finally changing it into an abstract digital creation.
Above all I want to show how the simple, often depressing architecture on photos can be changed with image editing in an imaginativ and exciting way. So one should come from the functional to the pure fantasy motive, through which one can be inspired variously.

-- Sämtliche Rechte auf alle Bilder, die ich hier, in der FC ausstelle, liegen bei mir, Greta Schnall.
Meine Bilder unterliegen dem Urheberrecht und sind gesetzlich geschützt.
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